A Grant Funding Platform for Early-stage Startups in Climate Tech

About Climate Pitch 

To solve the greatest challenges of the world – climate change and environmental degradation, we need to transition to a resilient green economy. To build this new green economy, we need large numbers of climate innovation startups thriving in the market.​

Climate Pitch is a grant platform by Climate Collective Foundation, to support startups in climate innovation. It aims to provide working capital grants to startups in early commercialization or pilot sales as they develop early traction with clients. The platform receives funding from corporate CSR and foundations.​

Climate Collective Foundation is the largest, private climate tech startup support organization in India, South Asia, Africa, and Southeast Asia in terms of number of climate tech startups supported. Over the last 5 years, 720+ startups have been accelerated in over 45+ climate tech acceleration programs. We are currently supported by multiple foundations and corporates.

In addition to accelerator support, our ecosystem model looks at supporting climate tech startups through funding support (Climate Pitch for donations, Climate Seeders Club for pre-seed capital, and Climate Angels Network for pre-Series A capital), piloting support (Climate Pilots programs such as our Electron Vibe), etc.

We encourage women-led startups to register for grants which are crucial to help sustain and build the business and eventually scale. With our initiative Women in Climate Entrepreneurship (WICE) we enhance the capacities of women entrepreneurs in climate and build an enabling environment. Climate Pitch aims to support selected women-led startups from WICE.

In Focus

Clean Energy​

Renewable Energy Generation

Energy Optimization​

Energy efficiency (Lightening & Appliances)​

Energy efficiency (HVAC, Built-environment, and others)​

Energy Access

Energy Access​

Waste to Resources

Waste Management (plastics)​

Waste Management (non-plastics)

Natural Resources



Agriculture & Food

Clean Industry

Advanced Materials

Industrial processes


Air & Ambient Environment​

Water Treatment​

Upcoming Events

Climate Pitch Event​

Climate Pitch aims to strengthen early-stage startups with small grants to facilitate their entry into the market. Climate Collective Foundation is inviting 08 most promising startups from their portfolio to participate in the event.

Target Fund

INR 25 lakhs​

Number of startups to pitch


Number of startups to be awarded grants​


Date of the event

20 September 2022​

For more details contact

Eligibility Criteria

The startup must be a for profit organization

The startup must be in early stage - Product development stage or Pilot Sales stage​

The revenue bracket of startup must be between INR 5 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs​

Women founders are encouraged to apply!​

Format of the event

An invite-only pitch event showcasing some of our early-stage startups looking to raise grants. Each startup will pitch for 5-minutes followed by a 5-minute QnA session. ​

Through this pitch event, we will select the startups to award grants. Also, connections would be made with other corporate CSR arms for future funding. ​


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